October 01, 2008


What does that word technically mean? All I've gathered is that it's the favored term among bloggers for "a break from blogging".

Well, at any rate, since some are probably wondering where the Three Anachronisms went, here's the short version:

Ambrose only has a small amount of internet each week at the college he's at: blogging hasn't been on high enough priority to merit use of his highly limited time.

Mari has her hands full handling life at a secular college: I expect she'll be back when she gets the hang of it and starts finding spare time and spare thoughts, but till she's in that... how you say... groove, she'll be scarce.

And I've my brain bouncing off the walls trying to decide whether I hate politics too much to care if McCain is worth voting for, which is becoming a nuisance with the need to vote soon coming up and the diminishing of time for researching whether he's reliable enough to be worth it (and whether Palin is half what she's said to be): thus my mind's too preoccupied to post anything reasonable and of substance so all you get are a few little half-baked ideas I've let out 'Neath Aeviternity.

So, when will we be back?

Ambrose: when school's out or when he feels like writing about something off the 'net and quickly transferring it to a post here, but even that may not happen because he may not be as up on net-based news and we all know non-net-based news is gradually dying (at least, this is my suspicion; he might just surprise us all and become the most active member again).

Mari: beats me; when she feels up to it.

Myself: when I can avoid contact with politics again, probably in several months when not only is the election over but people have quit talking about it till two years from now when "election year" (which is two years, not one) starts up again; I suppose the main thing will be being able to disregard it because the need to know about it to vote is no longer present, but there may be a month or two after the inauguration till the fact that I made an official choice about it stops bugging me... I guess we'll see.

Y'all's in Christ,

P.S. We don't seem to have a label for "how we're doing right now" because we hardly ever post on that here... Is it arrogant for me to use the label "Great Authors" on the basis that I think my friends Mari and Ambrose fall in that category or will someday at least? 8^)

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