December 24, 2006

House Rules

This blog is for the discussion of ideas, in many different realms of thought. The writers are somewhat intelligent, or at least have elegantly written pieces of paper claiming as much. As such, the following rules should help with any sort of discussion:

  1. Please refrain from using any sort of derogatory or divisive language. Discussion is best when it is most charitable.
  2. If you want to agree or disagree with a post, please do so in the most logical and coherent way possible.
  3. We are merciful gods: most faulty reasonings in comments are permitted, with the following few exceptions: ad hominem attacks, unsupported ad populum arguments, or similarly unsupported illegitimate claims to authority.

Long story short, don't tell me that the Church teaches "x," or that Americans teach "x," or that it is just stupid to hold "x." Please be civil and charitable, and we'll not only get along, we'll find our journey towards truth a lot happier and faster.

Thank you,
Ambrose and Samuel


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