July 31, 2008

The Empty Argument for Emptiness

So we've heard that Nietzsche said that everything is meaningless. But what does that mean? *g* I have always thought it ludicrous for a person to hold that nothing has purpose. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

If everything is meaningless, why say so at all? Let people "console themselves with religion" or whatever they want to. If everything is meaningless, there is no reason for any one to do anything, or not to do anything. Government has no power. Sure, they can say that the common good demands that xyz murderer be punished, but the common good is a meaning and a purpose. If everything is meaningless, no action can have meaning, and as a result, charity, affluence, despair - none of these are possible, or if they are, none of them have any meaning, and thus are not what they would be. If an affluent person doesn't really have any power, he's not affluent. If a charitable person can't really change anything, he's not charitable. And thus, language at all is meaningless - we can't even say "the" without implying a certain thing is worth pointing out - or has meaning.

So, since everything cannot have no meaning, it certainly shoud have meaning. And if life means something, then I certainly want to find out what it means. Thus far, the only meaning I've come across that satisfies my desire for meaning is the theology of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

Let your life mean something! Think about that before you spend all your time doing nothing.


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