August 22, 2008

Random science...

So I randomly decided to record alcohol purchase versus gender today at work. I wanted to ascertain whether males or females were more likely to purchase alcohol. Out of the 114 customers who came through my lane tonight, 77 were female and 37 were male. Here are the results:

Percentage of customers who purchased alcohol: 31.58%
Percentage of women who purchased alcohol: 29.87%
Percentage of men who purchased alcohol: 35.14%

Draw what conclusions you will.

A few notes about methodology:
  • Anyone who was obviously too young to purchase alcohol was not included in the study.
  • This study is not supported by any business, company, group, or foundation. It is purely the work of a single amateur. No personal or valuable information was collected.

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Blogger Theocentrica said...

Now do it again tomorrow and take those same percentages, and then a different one showing whether they bought wine, beer, or other.


August 22, 2008 11:27 PM  

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