March 22, 2010

Best part of running a blog:

Recanting. Guess what: I take it all back. Well, not all of it. Just THIS post. Aristotle has a way of convincing people, I guess... I suggest all of you read the Politics. Very worth while.

A man naturally finds a woman, and "the two become one flesh" (coughhackspluttercough) and kids come out. A family. Naturally. Therefore, it is at least natural to man that he exist in a family. Further, Little House on the Prairie families need to work almost twenty-four hours a day in order to subsist on the fruits (or vegetables) of their labor, leaving no time for leisure, which, as Joseph Pieper points out in Leisure, the Basis of Culture, is the thing which defines a man. Our job - our financial output - our productivity - is not the thing which defines us and gives us purpose as human beings. Big surprise. In fact, our true meaning for existence is union with God - also known as contemplation or prayer. Now, of course, productivity is necessary for life, but caring for half of us - just our bodies, not our souls - cannot fulfill us as human beings, body and soul. Therefore, families join together - again naturally - into communities in order to secure the good of the entire human being - body and soul. These communities require laws for their own good and the good of every individual, and therefore these laws are natural ("All things have a nature, and flourish only in accordance with that nature." Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics). As a result, man is social (or, in other words, exists and participates in a political environment) naturally.

Aristotle FTW.


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