February 26, 2010


I swear, if I ever see that Redemption card again, I'll tear it to shreds.

But...hey! Look! An update! (crowd: omg!)

Was thinking on the seemingly eternal bus ride this morning on how to analogize the relationship between faith and reason. What did I get? A tower.

As faith flourishes it grows taller and grander in heavenly glory, taller as it grows closer to God and grander, like I said, in heavenly glory. However, no matter how tall or grand a tower may be, if it does not reach directly to heaven it is doomed to come crashing down at the onslaught of the storm. Why?

Heresy first: we can know God. This is, of course, not true. God is a mystical, all-powerful deity who created us without the ability to know God for we would [insert inspirational quote about seeing God here]. This makes perfect sense. And be aware, God's works are more often embodied in the spiritual than through the corporal, and the devil works on us in corporal ways. Makes sense, right? That's good.

Truth second: we can know of God. That's a vital difference. Granted, our God is a personal God as well as a universal God. I hope that wasn't a heresy just because that's my take. Why? Glad you asked.

We know of God because His existence is proven in His creation. Grounded in the depths of the earth where they'd like to say is proof of evolution is the undeniable proof of the fact that our creator is God Himself. No, not literally, I just thought that sounded epic and hopefully you get the idea.

Blind faith is foundationless. And no matter how glorified blind faith is, it is still blind, and cannot see the twists and turns in the narrow road to heaven. Furthermore, it is blind to other people, and though it may possess great virtue it will never cease to frustrate, for no person on this planet will understand the nature of groundless belief (unless, of course, it involves sexual intercourse...heh).

And so the foundation of reason gives rise to the most glorious and sturdy towers. The more grounded the reason, the deeper the foundation, and the greater the storms it will outlast. Termites and infestations will occur, but can do no harm to the reality that proof of God lays about us in as many quantities as there are atoms in the observable universe (10^72, I think). No, I don't have to prove myself, because now I'm speaking to those who believe, so atheists and go and brood for a while if they happen to read this. I'm happy to know I inflamed them.

Anyways, hurray, probably an incomplete analogy, too. But at least it sounds cool...right?


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Blogger Der Wolfanwalt said...

Reading this, it strikes me that you would do very well at my alma mater.

February 26, 2010 4:24 PM  

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