November 26, 2007


When theory runs up against practice, trust practice to be the one that's corresponding to reality.

When one man's experience seems to indicate something, be open to alternative explanations.

Yet when theory is backed up by the practice of a few individuals, which in turn are well explained by the theory, usually 'tis the general practice that is faulty somehow and needs alternative explanations of why it only seems to contradict the theory.

So, with that in mind, although 'tis not a definitive proof, I want to add something to my little thing about Charism. Two things, actually.

The first is Pete Vere's "Trentecostal experience". (Catchy name, eh?)

The second is Fr. Al Lauer, founder of Presentation Ministries. PM looks like a fairly charismatic movement. I certainly can say that 'twas from them I learned a lot about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and first saw the whole arm-raisin', hand wavin', in-tongues prayin' thing. Yet Fr. Al also was pastor for years of Old St. Mary's, a church in Cincinnati where everyone kneels at the old Communion rail, where there is no such thing as an altar girl, where the old High Altar in the far back is occasionally faced old-style for big, important Masses, where the music we sport is alternatively pipe organ, chant and even sometimes lute, where you always hear good, orthodox reflection from the pulpit, etc., etc., etc. Now try and tell me that this great man was Traditionalist to the detriment of the Charismatic movement or vice versa. No, I've seen him and his work in action in many ways, and I say he showed how the two can really go together.

That's not saying that PM and OSM people hit it off well together; for some reason or other they sometimes just don't seem to get along now that he's gone. Still, just because not all of us manage to follow the way doesn't mean there is no way to follow.

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