November 13, 2007

The Love-Letter of a Martyr

The Shrine of the Holy Whapping has been rather sporadic in it's updating the past week or so, so I keep coming back and finding this one thing still the latest post. Well, no matter how many times it pops up I just can't get over it. Finally I decided this just deserves to be linked to.

I mean, one could argue that it sounds slightly overdone since we aren't specifically going to be married to anyone other than God Himself in Heaven. Yet when you think about it loving God in others is part of what Heaven is, as Heaven is all about loving God as fully as possible, and this really shows the connection what with loving God in another and all. Face it: it's incredible. As someone who so far has little clue as to which God desires for his primary vocation, I must say I hope I will be as God-oriented if I find myself seriously drawn to a lady.

In other news, The Blue Boar reports that more details on Papa Ben's US visit are out! Waaaaaaay cool!

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