November 17, 2007

A Note on Our Name

For the curious or non-perspicacious...

We are not the Three Anarchists, despite a recent dyslexic misreading and the secret convictions of some of my family members.

While "anachronism" is most commonly used to classify something which is being incorrectly placed before its time (i.e., two fur-trappers in 1751 discussing the latest draft of the Declaration of Independence), one of its secondary meanings is: "A person who seems to be displaced in time; who belongs to another age."

The three of us came across the word one morning when we were conspiring/studying math together. Here’s what we said (mildly edited to strip away the at least three other things we were discussing at the same time...):

Scott: ANACHRONISM....I AM AN ANACHRONISM, A LIVING, BREATHING, ANACHRONISM....We should band together as "The Anachronisms."

Ambrose: Anachronism? *looks up*

Scott: Anachronism: something that’s in the wong time.

Ambrose: Yeah, I just looked it up in the wonderful 6,000 page dictionary that we fits us perfectly.

Scott: Totally.

Ambrose: Maybe that could be our current blog name....*thinks*

Scott: an anachronistical computer geek. Weird.

Ambrose: yeah.

Scott: Anachronisms’ Corner. How’s that?

Mari: A bit awkward.

Ambrose: *changes blog title to Three Anachronisms but keeps link the same*

Mari: Three Anachronisms....^_^

Scott: Not bad. Except, come to think of it, that’s really more how the world views us rather
than how we really are. We follow truths that are universal-- in time as well as space. The culture that has abandoned those mistakenly thinks we’re anachronistical. But hey, it’s catchy...

*yes, we’re aware that it’s "anachronistic" and not "anachronistical," but we always enjoy rejuvenating words. ^_^


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