March 13, 2009

Why read journalists' opinions on the Pope's motives...

...when you can just read the Pope himself?

(If you want more where that came from, just go here and look through the selections on the left.)

Besides, you gotta admit its cool that he thinks the complaints about needing to be more internet-savvy are worth looking into. Given the way the media can't seem to handle the rise of the blogosphere, it'd be awfully funny if someday the journalists were behind the Pope in the workings of the information age. (Not likely to happen, I know, but you have to admit the mere possibility is ticklishly hilarious.)

Should you find Papa Ben's letter too hard to follow for some reason, I reccomend Fr. Z's comments over those of most journalists. (On the other hand, you probably won't find the combox arguments over the hairy details as helpful; just so you can't say I didn't warn you.)

So go on, be an honest examiner and read His Holiness for yourself.

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