February 05, 2009

Real thought?

This is an interesting proposal. All it's missing is the noise in the bushes argument -- although it includes mention of the point of said argument, that unless we really know that the fetus/embryo/whatever is not human we cannot risk murder. We could very well say it's not worth our time to speculate on something that we don't think is going to happen. However, there are two problems with that: one, that just because we shouldn't expect good things such as conversion doesn't mean we should despair of them either, and two, that there are some things about the hypothetical situation that may very well be relevant to other, some real, situations. What interests me specifically is the possible reaction should Obama take up the idea.

My question, then, is this: is there a way he could present it that genuinely would stimulate real thought, and niether be just dismissed by conservatives as being wishy-washy intellectual fakery nor be simply taken by liberals as a call to uphold flimsy rationalization as justification?

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