November 01, 2007

All Hallows'

So today, after mocking the Devil who would "destroy both body and soul in Gehena", we get to celebrate ALL the Saints who made it to Heaven!

Forgot to celebrate your patron's feast day this year? Make up for it today!

Want to learn of more Saints? Do it today!

Feel like a good feast day party but can't decide which Saint to celebrate? Today you can celebrate 'em all!

Isn't being Catholic great? 8^)

Tomorrow we get to focus on praying for anyone and everyone who is going to Heaven but isn't there yet. If in doubt about a deceased friend or relative's status, send prayers their way! If you're really sure your grandparents are in Heaven, send prayers their way just in case. You can't waste prayers with God, He'll always use 'em to something else if they can't go towards your intention!


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