October 21, 2007

Is he Gone?

I recently came across an article telling that Sam Brownback has left the Presidential race. Does anyone know if this is for real or just a "probably" exaggerated by bad reporting? If he were to get more contribution and support could his run still happen?

If it is true, I have to say I am sorry to hear it. Knowing that Ron Paul's support may never add up to anything in the face of America in general, and that Brownback is supported by many, shall we say, less loony among us Catholics, I find myself disappointed to think that his chance would be over already. I have been rather looking up to him as one of the few good choices (despite my strong preference that everyone who hangs around here knows about), and hope this may be just a false alarm.



Blogger ~Ambrose said...

I unfortunately can't tell whether he is gone for real or not. I haven't really been keeping up...

However, I really hope that this is a false alarm. Sam Brownback was one of the two people I could have supported.

Ah well, if Ron Paul and Sam Brownback fall through, then I guess it's still up to me to save the world. XD

October 24, 2007 10:13 AM  

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