September 11, 2007


September 11th. Seven years ago, this was just any day, but on that evil day six years ago, it became infamous for all history. For the first time in history, the American people were attacked on their own soil. 3,000 men, women, and children were brutally murdered by nineteen people who represented the large group of people who hate with every fiber of their being the American people. They will, and did, stop at nothing to destroy every living one of us solely because we are Americans. For that reason September 11th can never be a normal day.

Three thousand innocent Americans killed simply because one group of people thinks that every person who is not a Muslim, or every infidel in their terms, must be converted or annihilated. They, in cold blood, murdered three thousand civilians, destroyed both a center of commerce and a government building, and defied every code for military action ever written. That was an act of war by any standards. Justly, we can go to war with these people who attacked us on our own soil. And what do we do? We sit around like little scared children.

In grade school, when the class bully knocked you around and you cried to your mother, did he stop? Did he stop when you left him alone and tried to avoid him? No! The only way to end his reign of terror was to stand up to him, show him you were not afraid, and if nothing else worked slug him. He would not listen to reason, he would ignore your whimpered pleas for mercy, and he refused to submit to the proper authorities. It is obvious that the same applies to the Islamofascists. They did not listen when the honorable George Bush attempted to be diplomatic with them. They refused to abide by any UN resolution, and they certainly did not leave us alone when we tried to ignore them - look what happened six years ago. We can't cower in a corner and hope they will go away, because just like the bully they won't. They will taunt us, denounce us, and kill more of the women and children of this country if we leave them alone. Therefore, the only solution is to attack them and eliminate them to defend our citizens.

But no, the American people are "war weary," even though none of the war weary have actually been to war. In our prosperity, we have become sissies! We are so used to having our every want catered instantly that we can't stand a lick of sacrifice. When the war got the slightest bit hard, we wanted to get out immediately. Where did America's backbone go? This can't be the same nation that sacrificed 50,000 men in one day to begin the destruction of Hitler's evil regime. This can't be the same America that stared down the evils of communism. This can't be the same America that sacrificed thousands of men to become the light of freedom and truth in the modern age. This is not the same America. This has become a completely different nation.

We are so used to our freedom, we forget it came with a very heavy price tag. In the War for Independance, thousands of Americans lost their lives to end the British tyrrany. We bought our independence - our freedom - for a very large sum of human lives. In the war of 1812, we defended that freedom with more of the same currency. In subsequent wars, or youth proudly defended the greatest nation the world has ever known. And now, not three hundred years later, we are too cowardly and pampered to stand up again and preserve the one light of hope and reason that our world has left. We are too much of wimps to stand strong and declare that this is America, the world's sole superpower, and anyone who dares to kill three thousand of our citizens in cold blood has Hell to pay. We are such ninnies that we can't defend the freedom that this nation stands for.

In this day and age, the absolute outrage of 9/11 is being denied. "It's not that bad," declare journalists. Many in the media deny it. It doesn't seem posssible that merely six years after the most evil act in our nation's history we can say "it didn't happen." Movies about the act are too hard to watch for our lily-livered people. We can't bear the tension, experts say. Hell, we SHOULDN'T bear it. We should be destroying the people who committed this atrocity, but instead we'd rather deny the atrocity. I will not forget. I will always remember that on this day, six years ago, three thousand were killed for the sole reason that they were Americans. I will never forget that day when nineteen men attacked us in our homeland. I will always remember, and for the sake of those three thousand dead, I will do everything in my power to end this threat to the American freedom.



Blogger Civis said...

Nice Blog you've launched here--subject matter similar to that of my own.

Truly it is a sad day.

Nevertheless, I think it is important to point out that they do not hate us merely because we are American. They hate us because we have troops on thier soil, just as we would hate the Russians or the Chineses if they were on our soil. They also hate us because we back Israel and thus Isreal is free to play Rambo with impugnity.

"The true patriot must hate his country enought to change it and love it enough to think it worth changing" --G.K. Chesterton

September 11, 2007 3:38 PM  
Anonymous You know who said...

"[A]nd they certainly did not leave us alone when we tried to ignore them - look what happened six years ago."

If I may be allowed to add something, this particular point is where Civis' comment comes in. In their view, we hadn't been ignoring them: it's hard to deny that we have been meddling in middle-East politics for about the past half-century. That's not to say that they were justified or that something shouldn't be done about their crime, but it's to say that history can't be used as proof for the "leaving them alone won't help" argument.

As I've mentioned before, not all critics of the current war are ridiculous (despite the majority of them), and there are some who I think may be at least partially right. However, further details than that little correction to the rant itself aren't fit to be argued here and now.

Because all that said, I am just as disgusted by the majority of the wishy-washy Bush/war-bashing and "la-la land" wishing, and by attempts to water down the significance of 9/11.

It would be nice (not to mention proper) of the politicians to get back to the real issue here, like this, instead of arguing that we should be taking the nuclear capabilities of the world into our hands.

~The Usual Guy

September 11, 2007 5:32 PM  
Blogger ~Ambrose said...

I remember that Chesterton quote. I draw a lot of my political opinion from him.

*goes off to look at Civis' blog*

Scott, Scott, Scott...

True enough, we backed Israel. Everyone knows that they also have a fanatic hate of Jews as well as us...not sure why. I don't think that's enough reason to attack us, still.

What's the real issue, Scott?

September 11, 2007 6:52 PM  
Anonymous You Know Who said...

Okay, what I mean is, we have to draw a line somewhere. We can't just go after the Islamic religion as a whole. There are things we need to do about it, yes, but as much as the religion is problematic we can't take a war style offense against it because it would entail unjust killing of Muslims who aren't themselves sufficiently condemnable. So, while the perpetrators of 9/11 need to be brought to justice, I don't know of an undeniable argument as to who else we can justly go after. If you do, I'd appreciate being enlightened.

Oh, and as for the nuclear thing... If you can barely trust your government's actions at home, how the heck can you trust your government to be arbiter of one of the most powerful things on the planet? I'm under the moral impression (not from political commentators but from my own thoughts on ethics) that if we have a just case to attack Iran then we have and if we don't we don't, and I don't see where their weaponry factors into that justification. Unless, of course, you may go after a country for pursuing nuclear weapons. I think the international community ought to be concerned about that matter, that our nation alone doesn't have the authority (or the trustworthiness) to deal with it on our own judgement.

If the international community has asessed a problem with Iran and mandated action, please correct me. I'm not certain they haven't, only I've gotten the impression it's mainly U.S.

And while there may be cases where a single nation will stand up against the rest of the world valiantly, I would think those cases need to be even more sure.

And, about Israel and our involvement in the mid-East... I never said that justified their attack, only that it makes the "we've tried leaving them alone and it doesn't work" argument invalid.

So, just to highlight my answer to your question, my point about the real issue was that I've heard a reasonable (though not certain) argument that what is being done in the War on Terror right now isn't justified by the need to respond to the Islamic threat. I don't know if it's right, but it bugs me when I hear arguments about the nuclear capacity of a third nation when we should be after the guy from the first that actually hit us.

Further discussion (say, if you want to debate the argument I've been mentioning) ought to be done elsewhere, and I think you know the place I'm thinking of.

~The Usual Guy

September 11, 2007 7:56 PM  
Blogger Civis said...

"True enough, we backed Israel. Everyone knows that they also have a fanatic hate of Jews as well as us...not sure why."

It might be that the Isreali Army has a habit of assasinating people and shooting up towns including thier innocent civilians. It could have something to do with the fact that muslims were moved off of thier land.

To this one might say that the muslims aren't always nice either. That's true, but why do we have to take sides in this?

Maybe we ought to take sides in Northern Ireland as well then we'll either have the IRA blowing us up, or start a war with Great Britan.

I would suggest you check out the reading list Ron Paul provided Rudy Guliani.

September 12, 2007 5:16 PM  
Blogger Kyle R. Cupp said...

Given the grave and atrocious evil that was displayed so violently on 9/11, how do you do think Christ's commandment to love our enemies should inform a Christian's response to the evil of Jihadism?

October 04, 2007 1:44 PM  

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