May 21, 2007

The news and fairness.

Honestly, if there is one thing that vexes me greatly, it is the media. Every day they claim to be fair and balanced, when they are not. I honostly don't care if they are bias - being biased means you have an opinion, and having an opinion, even a wrong one, is better than having no opinion. So why the pretext of fairness?

Because the news people are trying to uphold something that has been attached to the news, or at least have a pretext of doing so. Somehow the news fot the tag that it is supposed to show no viewpoint when reporting. Now, I can see why they mighti do this so as not to obscure detail, but a good healthy bias never hurt anyone. Just as long as they give me all the details and don't hold anything back, I don't mind. they can add as many racist, anti-Catholic, anti-conservative comments as they like. Of course, they can't be changing the news so that it supports their side - but that's not having a bias, that's called telleing a lie.

I am, of course, never going to claim to be "fair and balanced," like Fox claims to be. You know what? I AM pushing an agenda. I AM trying to sell you something. It's called the truth.


[edit]I worried that I might be getting the wrong point across. I'm not saying that the media should report all their news from a biased standpoint. If they can report in an unbiased manner, they should do so by all means. THey also are allowed to have a bias and present it that way, but their fault is saying they are fair when they are obviously not.


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