October 21, 2011

Just a thought...

In a world full of people advocating their own means, historical truths about the Catholic Church are bent and assumed mythologically in such a way that many casually presume the Church is an institution corrupt and power-hungry by its nature. Again, in a world full of Catholics advocating solely any recruitment for their faith there remains no historical text of the Church's actions that is either complete or shows its members' actions in only a positive light.

Then again, this observation is true about any history; by advocating a position, however quietly, all texts will exempt certain information, providing a narrow and uninformed view of history as a whole. In 12 or 16 years it ought to be possible to obtain a reasonable knowledge of the progression the human race, yet the writers of such histories take it upon themselves to decide what belongs therein and what does not. The diversity of histories afflicts mankind with this ability to casually and frequently cynically discard certain facts or the lack of facts.

Sadly, the knowledge of this fault does not solve it; call this post what you will, I just wanted it written down.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have learnt that the ankh, is known as key of life (represents Venus). It opens the door to all mystery religions ancient and new. The hidden secret is simple “All civilization came to Earth from Venus (like the bee.)” Research show all hidden symbols and text have the illuminated one (VENUS/luciferian philosophy) at its heart. Can this be the big secret? Or do I keep looking for another key?

June 06, 2012 12:17 AM  

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