November 16, 2008

Does anybody else notice this?

Legally in our modern world there is a huge push to outlaw explicit acknowledgements of the differences between the sexes. They claim that all exploitation of women by lustful and greedy men is a result of men having long ago, through no reason of actual superiority, shaping society to favor their exploitation of women. The Christian view of men desiring women being part of the natural relationship between the two that has only unfortunately been marred by sin is slandered away as being part of that alleged cultural exploitation.

Meanwhile, YouTube is advertising an event. After some time I notice the odd fact that the ads all have a picture of a woman in them, not a man. I think of most other "hot" ads (though to YouTube's credit, these ads for their event aren't necessarily "sexy", as in immodest, as far as I can tell), and realize that the vast majority of them have a similar trend.

So while attempts are being made to "equalize" the sexes, advertisers are all the while taking advantage of the plain fact that men really are oddly attracted to women more strongly than women to men. Not only that, but no one ever raises the question of whether such advertising is really exploiting men's emotional setup. No, it's only exploitation if it's cultural tradition. Other things that implicitly acknowledge the difference between the sexes can go right on their happy way as long as they're going the other way and giving men payback by exploiting their emotions.

Then when Christians see the obvious contrivance and begin to fear that the whole thing is set up specifically to attack their faith because no other view of the whole business makes any sense, society comes back and says their religion makes them paranoid.

Well, that may be partial paranoia, but it's not religion's fault. While they're at it with their nonsense, they might take it a notch more honest and call me a conspiracy theorist -- all they'd be leaving out is the fact that I don't think humans are the conspirators.

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